Fired Employee Accuses Washington GET Pre-Paid Tuition Program Of Mismanagement


Washington’s pre-paid college tuition program has been overcharging customers since its inception. That’s one of several allegations of mismanagement being made by an employee who was recently fired

The Guaranteed Education Tuition program or GET lets families buy tuition credits at today’s prices. The program is currently closed to new customers, but is scheduled to reopen this fall.

Michael Bennion served as the associate director for fiscal planning at GET until he was let go earlier this month. In an email to state lawmakers, Bennion alleged that GET has charged “unnecessarily high administrative fees” and failed to properly account for that money.

“The GET program is re-opening, they’re going to start selling units again and I think they should recognize and be held accountable before they open the doors for new people,” Bennion says.

In a statement, the Washington Student Achievement Council, which administers the GET program, said the fees it charges are set by a committee and based on an actuarial analysis.

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