NWPB Member Is A Mom, Grandma, Nurse, Volunteer, Gardener AND Sustainer

Call The Midwife | PBS

        Call The Midwife | PBS

Have you ever talked to someone who is hesitant to toot her own horn? Yet, as you get to know her, you realize what a selfless and generous person she is? That is what happened when I spoke with Sharon Hickman of Pasco, a Northwest Public Broadcasting donor for 29 years. Sharon is a sustaining member of NWPB’s radio and television services. Why choose a sustaining membership, I asked Sharon. She simply responded, “I just LOVE public broadcasting!”

Sharon spent her working years as a nurse for the Benton Franklin County Public Health Department visiting at-risk expectant mothers and mothers and their babies. She shared that it was a rewarding yet challenging experience. She tended to the families’ medical needs and referred them to other vital community resources. Sharon sadly recalled, “not all cases had successful outcomes.”

Now as a retired nurse, Sharon volunteers for the Union Gospel Mission taking blood pressures and for the Chaplaincy visiting patients on palliative care. She loves to garden, growing lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. (I can taste a delicious salad now, with a side of cobbler!)

It is no surprise that some of Sharon’s favorite public television shows are Doc Martin and Call the Midwife, though she admits, she never had to deliver a baby like the midwives! Classical music is what she loves about public radio. Sharon occasionally plays her own piano, but admits it is a dust collector.

This mother of four and grandmother of seven is proud to be an integral member of her community and a sustaining member of Northwest Public Broadcasting. Thank you, Sharon!