See The Northwest’s Strawberry Moon This Week

A strawberry moon seen in 2016
A strawberry moon seen in 2016 / Beau Considine, Flickr

Sky watchers in the Northwest can anticipate a large, pink moon Wednesday night, June 27. A “strawberry moon” will rise over the region at 8:24, reaching its fullest by 9:53. It’s the same phenomenon known in autumn as a harvest moon. The strawberry moon is named not for its color, but for its season — it’s strawberry time in June.

The optical illusion is caused by a coincidence. A few times a year, the moon rises at just the right time during sunset to catch the fading light. This makes the moon seem enormous and colored in hues of red, orange and pink.

If you miss the Wednesday show, the strawberry moon will rise again Thursday night. Astronomy enthusiasts will also be able to spot the planet Saturn nearby.

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