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Commentary: WSU Basketball Is Doing Their Part, Now It’s Time For Us To Join-In


There’s something happening with our basketball team… after a road trip down to the desert last week, our cougar ball players will return to Pullman for a rivalry game that we should all be paying attention to.

WSU men’s basketball hadn’t won a road game all year until last week against the sun devils in Tempe. Then on their way south to Tucson, they beat the wildcats. Two respectable programs that both can recruit more star talent in a single year, than WSU can in five. Instead, WSU beat them both on their first road trip sweep in a decade. The number 229 cougars had a one-in-six chance of winning just one of those games. So it was a statistical shock when they won them both. Even more incredible, no team had won at both Arizona and Arizona State in a single season by double digits since 1995.

As incredible as that all is very few of us on campus seem to be talking about it. And that’s fair. WSU basketball has been bad. Really bad. Beasley coliseum has been largely unfilled this season as WSU has struggled through its schedule. But all that could change Saturday. First place Washington, the huskies, comes to town hoping to chase their march madness dreams, but you know what? We’re not going to let them. We, the fans, we hold the power to bring more energy and electricity to that building than it has ever seen. Imagine how great it would feel to send UW into oblivion… If there was ever a game to go to, this is it. So show up on Saturday at 5 p.m. bring a friend, pack the building. Show these guys we support them. Let’s beat these huskies together.


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