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WAITSBURG – Markeeta Little Wolf was a pop star in Australia by the time she was 16.

Australian pop star now in WA

Markeeta Little Wolf is a former Australian pop star who found her home in Waitsburg, Wash. | PHOTO CREDIT: MARKEETA LITTLE WOLF

Her American father was a famous wrestler called Chief Little Wolf and she inherited his love for entertainment. Some of her hits include, “Never Been a Horse Who Couldn’t Be Rode,” and “I Am a Sunbird.”

At age 22, Little Wolf moved to Hollywood to try her luck at American stardom. But she couldn’t escape her Australian accent and “talk American.”

At 28, Little Wolf abandoned her singing and sold real estate in Los Angeles.

“It’s just another performance, just a very intimate one,” Little Wolf said.

She was successful and content until the 1992 Los Angeles riots began. She felt so unsafe that she decided to move. She had always wanted to move to a tiny town, and she chose Waitsburg, Washington.

Little Wolf met and married a lawyer named Michael Hubbard. She helped him raise three children from a previous marriage, worked for him as a legal assistant, and got the political bug She eventually joined the City Council, and even became mayor to the chagrin of some of Waitsburg’s older and whiter residents.

“I admired her for it,” Hubbard said. “She was the first female mayor of Waitsburg. The dinosaurs didn’t care much for it, but we know what happens to dinosaurs.”

Little Wolf managed to get the town a new sidewalk and dug out part of the creek to help prevent flooding. She was elected three times.

Now the kids are grown and Little Wolf and her husband are both retired. They own 14 rental properties and spend Thursdays and Fridays maintaining the lawns. Little Wolf aims to walk 10 miles every day, and last October she walked 1 million steps in 29 days. She is often found cooking, gardening, and spending time with her husband.

“I’ve sung at the Sydney Operahouse, I’ve been a headliner, I’ve been a multimillion dollar real estate agent…my most treasured moment was the day I married my husband,” Little Wolf said. “My heart still skips a beat when he walks into the room.”

When asked what his most treasured moment with Little Wolf was, Hubbard said, “Right now. They’re all treasured moments.”

The couple will renew their vows in April for their 25th wedding anniversary.



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