StoryCorps Northwest: Finding Self Worth, Higher Education And Dealing With Addiction

Kayeloni Scott and Mary Jane Miles
Nez Perce Tribal Members Kayeloni Scott, left, and Mary Jane Miles. Mary Jane shared hear life story with Kayeloni for StoryCorps NW.


Nez Perce tribal member Mary Jane Miles was two when her mother died. That was the start of a series of difficult events in Mary Jane’s life. But she persevered to earn an education and come to terms with alcohol addiction. She spoke with her friend and colleague, Kayeloni Scott, for StoryCorps Northwest, recorded virtually earlier this year.

This segment originally aired on NWPB’s Morning Edition on Sept. 23, 2020. It was recorded as part of NWPB’s 2020 partnership with StoryCorps. Learn more about the national StoryCorps initiative here.

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