Emillya Wilbert

Emillya Wilbert.Emillya (she/her) is a quirky individual with a passion for radio. She has worked for NWPB since 2019 in a variety of roles. She got her start in radio working as an intern on a late-night comedy talk so on KGRG FM in Auburn, Washington and worked her way up to host and the station’s program director, all while getting an associate’s in radio broadcasting from Green River College. Emillya then transferred to WSU and earned a bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism.

In her free time, Emillya likes to play video games, make and look at memes, tell jokes, stream let’s plays, and write fiction. She also loves to go thrift shopping and is always able to find the strangest item in any second-hand store. On top of that, she describes herself as a car enthusiast, collecting models of super and hyper cars, particularly Lamborghini’s.