Applications are due by Friday, November 22nd | 5 pm

Northwest Public Broadcasting Internships

Our Mission:

Northwest Public Broadcasting is a trusted source of quality content. We are dedicated to enriching our valued community by sharing distinctive programs which engage, enlighten and entertain.

The NWPB internship program provides students with real-world hands-on experience. Students will be able to leave this internship with the understanding of timelines, deadlines and professional quality work.

Ideally, our internship opportunities will enable interns to:

    1. Integrate and use their knowledge and skills from the classroom
    2. Develop organizational and management skills
    3. Strengthen broadcast techniques and production competence, and ultimately
    4. Prepare for a career in the broadcast/communication industry.

Our program requires one full semester commitment in order to earn internship credit(s).  

Internship Coordinator: Greg Mills

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Due by Friday, November 22nd | 5pm


Social Media
(Supervisor: Sueann Ramella):

  • This intern will learn NPR and PBS style social media tactics and implement them in social media campaigns to promote NWPB content. 
  • This intern must have some knowledge of social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Duties include/but not limited to:
    • Create social media campaigns that engage, entertain and enlighten current and new viewers/followers/listeners
    • Create graphics and promo posters
    • Provide excellent customer service when interacting with viewers/listeners on NWPB social media accounts
    • Photoshop knowledge is highly encouraged

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Development/Fund Raising Writer
(Supervisor: Sandi Billings):

  • This intern will be responsible for creating and posting listener and viewer stories on NWPB’s “Our Stories” web page. Stories are gathered, written and/or recorded, edited, and posted to highlight individuals who benefit from and/or contribute to NWPB. Excellent writing skills, project management and follow-through, and listening skills are required. Basic photo editing skills are required.
  • Knowledge of audio recording and editing and/or video recording and editing are helpful but not required.
  • Duties include/but are not limited to:
    • Interviewing selected volunteers
    • Writing web articles
    • Updating
    • Sharing completed stories with others at NWPB to increase circulation (i.e., through social media, on-air, newsletter) 

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  • Associate Producer (Supervisor: Greg Mills):
    • This position will be responsible for working with our multiple producers generating story ideas, assisting in research and completing pieces for air.
    • Duties may include:
      • Generating show/topic ideas
      • Creating content for online services
      • Research of topics
      • Scheduling shoot days/times/interviewees
  • Video Editing (Supervisor: Greg Mills):
    • This internship will provide students hands on experience with the non-linear editing software, Adobe Premiere. Students must come into this position having experience with Adobe Premiere.
    • Duties may include:
      • Rough cutting long form programs
      • Editing station IDs
      • Promos
      • Editing interstitials
      • Exporting shows and interstitials for air & web distribution
  • Programming (Supervisor: Tom Hungate):
    • This intern will assist Tom Hungate, program manager, in keeping track of daily logs, new programs & traffic schedule. This internship is located in Richland, Wash.  
    • Duties Include:
      • Monthly scheduling of KTNW/KWSU
      • Reviewing programs for broadcast suitability
      • Assisting with daily schedules
      • Assist preparing FCC reports

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  • Assistant News Producer for Morning Edition or All Things Considered:
    • The successful candidate(s) will gain valuable experience working at a professional statewide public radio service. Depending on duties, students will learn how to operate automation software, digital editing software and radio operating equipment. Students will also write copy for air.
    • Most experienced students may acquire experience in short form news production. Morning Edition: weekdays from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m.. All Things Considered: weekdays from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. (hours flexible within that timeframe).
    • Duties may include:
      • Posting news stories to web and re-writing radio stories and headlines for web and mobile presentation
      • Writing news copy for radio and web
      • Original and aggregation reporting in studio and in field
      • Operating studio and automation equipment
      • Producing programming elements for broadcast
      • Organizing materials for on-air personnel
      • Writing and disseminating promotional copy
      • Monitor all zoned events off air
      • Monitor and troubleshoot transmitters
      • Download and monitor rundowns
      • Download and/or edit audio and written promos for national promos
  • Announcer/Board Operator:
    • NWPB occasionally hires select students as board operators and announcers. These are very competitive positions requiring a multiple semester and preferably a multi-year commitment.
      • Prior experience preferred. 

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Apply Today

Due by Friday, November 22nd | 5pm