Applications are due by Friday, August 23rd | 5 pm

Northwest Public Broadcasting Internships

Our Mission:

Northwest Public Broadcasting is a trusted source of quality content. We are dedicated to enriching our valued community by sharing distinctive programs which engage, enlighten and entertain.

The NWPB internship program provides students with real-world hands-on experience. Students will be able to leave this internship with the understanding of timelines, deadlines and professional quality work.

Ideally, our internship opportunities will enable interns to:

    1. integrate and use their knowledge and skills from the classroom
    2. develop organizational and management skills
    3. strengthen broadcast techniques and production competence, and ultimately
    4. prepare for a career in the broadcast industry.

Our program requires one full semester commitment in order to earn internship credit(s).

Internship Coordinator: Greg Mills

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Due by Friday, August 23rd | 5pm


Social Media
(Supervisor: Sueann Ramella):

  • This intern will be responsible for updating NWPB websites, social media accounts & other web related projects daily. This intern must have some knowledge about social media (i.e. facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc.). Interns will be taught the WordPress system as well as the PBS Media Manager video system.
  • Photoshop knowledge is highly encouraged.
  • Duties include/but not limited to:
    • Updating
    • Interacting with viewers/listners online view social media accounts
    • Create social media campaigns that attract new viewers/followers/listeners
    • Work with membership to promote our station online
    • Create graphics/promo posters

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Development/Fund Raising Writer
(Supervisor: Sandi Billings):

  • This intern will be responsible for creating and posting listener and viewer stories on NWPB’s “Our Stories” web page. Stories are gathered, written and/or recorded, edited, and posted to highlight individuals who benefit from and/or contribute to NWPB. Excellent writing skills, project management and follow-through, and listening skills are required. Basic photo editing skills are required.
  • Knowledge of audio recording and editing and/or video recording and editing are helpful but not required.
  • Duties include/but are not limited to:
    • Interviewing selected volunteers
    • Writing web articles
    • Updating
    • Sharing completed stories with others at NWPB to increase circulation (i.e., through social media, on-air, newsletter)

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  • Associate Producer (Supervisor: Greg Mills):
    • This position will be responsible for working with our multiple producers generating story ideas, assisting in research and completing pieces for air.
    • Duties may include:
      • Generating show/topic ideas
      • Creating content for online services
      • Research of topics
      • Scheduling shoot days/times/interviewees
  • Video Editing (Supervisor: Greg Mills):
    • This internship will provide students hands on experience with the non-linear editing software, Adobe Premiere. Students must come into this position having experience with Adobe Premiere.
    • Duties may include:
      • Rough cutting long form programs
      • Editing station IDs
      • Promos
      • Editing interstitials
      • Exporting shows and interstitials for air & web distribution
  • Programming (Supervisor: Tom Hungate):
    • This intern will assist Tom Hungate, program manager, in keeping track of daily logs, new programs & traffic schedule. This internship is located in Richland, Wash.
    • Duties Include:
      • Monthly scheduling of KTNW/KWSU
      • Reviewing programs for broadcast suitability
      • Assisting with daily schedules
      • Assist preparing FCC reports

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  • Assistant News Producer for Morning Edition or All Things Considered:
    • The successful candidate(s) will gain valuable experience working at a professional statewide public radio service. Depending on duties, students will learn how to operate automation software, digital editing software and radio operating equipment. Students will also write copy for air.
    • Most experienced students may acquire experience in short form news production. Morning Edition: weekdays from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m.. All Things Considered: weekdays from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. (hours flexible within that timeframe).
    • Duties may include:
      • Posting news stories to web and re-writing radio stories and headlines for web and mobile presentation
      • Writing news copy for radio and web
      • Original and aggregation reporting in studio and in field
      • Operating studio and automation equipment
      • Producing programming elements for broadcast
      • Organizing materials for on-air personnel
      • Writing and disseminating promotional copy
      • Monitor all zoned events off air
      • Monitor and troubleshoot transmitters
      • Download and monitor rundowns
      • Download and/or edit audio and written promos for national promos
  • Announcer/Board Operator:
    • NWPB occasionally hires select students as board operators and announcers. These are very competitive positions requiring a multiple semester and preferably a multi-year commitment.
      • Prior experience preferred.

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Apply Today

Due by Friday, August 23rd | 5pm