Internship Application

NWPB Internship Application

Preferred Position(s):
Please rank in order of interest, your top three positions.

Please upload the following documents: Cover Letter, Resume & School Schedule (PDFs ONLY)
Internship Guidelines:
Academic Requirements
Any currently enrolled student in an academic program at Washington State University is eligible to apply. Priority will be given to students enrolled/certified in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. Documentation that the student is receiving academic credit for the internship must be provided. You MUST apply for COMJOUR 495 credit through the Murrow College of Communication to participate in this internship program. Once you are enrolled in the internship program it is your responsibility to follow through with all acadmic requirements.

Time Commitment
Interns must be available for hours listed above. Interns are required to keep a daily record of hours and activities.

All internships are unpaid positions. Internship terms begin in August, January, and May. Applicants should submit applications no later than one month prior to the term start date. Northwest Public Broadcasting reserves the right to terminate any internship at any time for any cause. Each intern must sign and submit the NWPB Internship Application, which states that the intern understands the guidelines and policies of the NWPB Internship Program and agrees to abide by them.

Prospective interns should submit their applications online at Submitting an application does not guarantee selection for an intern position. The applicant will be contacted for an interview if the applicant is eligible and if an intern position is available.

Required Application Materials

Application Form (This Page)
Cover Letter
Schedule of Available Hours