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Bill Morelock picturedBill Morelock fell into radio as a refugee from graduate school. This was a lifetime ago, at Washington State University in Pullman, where Murrow learned how to speak like Murrow. Therefore, a permanent broadcast inferiority complex developed. In 1988, he conspired with Bob Christiansen to create the daily classical music show, Bob & Bill. It was distributed nationally by NPR and PRI in the long-lost 1990’s. He writes the occasional short piece, occasionally funny, but not often enough really to annoy anyone. As a storyteller Bill concedes, for comprehension’s sake, the need to proceed from left to right. As a golfer, though, he prefers to work his approach shots right to left. A moot point; the game is incomprehensible either way. 

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Passing The Baton: Bernstein To Alsop

Many of us admire our musical idols from afar – maybe through keepsakes like concert ticket stubs, autographs or posters taped to our walls. Marin Alsop had two posters up in her New York City bedroom growing up – one of the Beatles and the other of the man who inspired her to become a conductor – Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein ended up becoming more than the man on her poster – her biggest hero became her mentor, teaching her how to be the “messenger of the composer” and passing along his gifts for storytelling.  Continue Reading Passing The Baton: Bernstein To Alsop

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