Hannah Whisenant

She began working for Northwest Public Broadcasting as the Traffic and Promotions Coordinator in 2015. She was promoted to Operations Manager in 2017. 

She graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Theater Arts while working as a DJ for a local Pop Music station. One of her first critiques from her program manager at the Pop music station was, “You sound like you’re on NPR. Way too calm for this station!” 

She has always listened to NPR and appreciates the educational value it brings to under-served communities. Especially how it illuminates the United States political process, encourages diversity, and introduces people to new kinds of music.

Her favorite part about her job is training others and mentoring students. In particular, overseeing and managing the student-run Jazz station KJEM 89.9FM – the Jazz Gem of the Palouse.
Her personal endeavors include raising a young family, pursuing a Masters degree in Instructional Design, and keeping her many plants alive.

Hannah Whisenant