Jedd Greenhalgh

Jedd Greenhalgh

Jedd Greenhalgh (also known to some simply as ‘Jedd the Fiddler’) is a sound engineer, emcee, producer, award-winning pop/folk/EDM/hoedown musician, and a decorated scholar of western classical music. Jedd has spent their last decade working across Idaho, Arizona, Kentucky, and Washington as a musician. During that time, they also partnered with several radio stations as a host/producer and served as an instructor of undergraduate music theory and aural skills with several colleges, all the while exploring the various intersections of LGBTQIA+ activism with artistic content creation. As a classical musician, Jedd has performed on the violin for 15 years for full orchestras, string orchestras, chamber ensembles, solo shows, theatre pit orchestras and string quartets. They have also performed as a percussionist for marching bands, orchestras, philharmonias, wind ensembles and chamber choirs, they have served as a guest conductor for both large and chamber ensembles, and they have acted as an audio/visual “computersound” specialist for several orchestras working with computer-based music. In their genre-crossing performance-based musical work, Jedd has had the privilege of briefly crossing professional paths with notable performers such as Bela Fleck (banjo), Patrick Sheridan (tuba), Jenny Oaks Baker (violin), Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry (pop stars), and has appeared on national television as a quirky fiddler for a total of seventeen seconds.

Jedd holds a bachelor’s degree in music science from Idaho State University and a master’s degree in music composition from Arizona State University. When left to their own devices, Jedd can usually be found taking care of their outdoor spaces, pondering the deeper agonies of existentialism, writing music with their fiddle, or playing unreasonably challenging video games.

Jedd Greenhalgh


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