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Growing up in the Tacoma-Puyallup area, Sueann Ramella remembers being a precocious young reporter for her school paper. A big fan of shows like 60 Minutes and 20-20, she dreamed of one day being a hard-hitting journalist, uncovering scandals and exposing the hidden truth. She attended Washington State University, studying journalism. It was there that she discovered her love of radio. Sueann began working for Northwest Public Radio in 1997 after her sophomore year, and has been with us ever since.

In 2000 she became the host of All Things Considered, and then in 2008 switched to hosting Morning Edition. Even after a few years, she still has trouble getting up so early. After she shuts off her alarm in the morning, she lies there trying to think of something to tempt herself enough to get up. It’s usually coffee or cereal. On the really tough days she thinks of cookies.

Sueann has more hobbies than she has time to indulge. She enjoys creating things, whether sewing, knitting, baking or drawing, and recently she has been trying her hand at hobby farming, dabbling in the challenge of self-sufficiency on a few acres behind her home. She raises chickens and grows more than a dozen different vegetables, all in Burberry-plaid boots of which she is inexplicably proud. Who says you can’t farm in style?

Bio written by Bill McKee

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