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Pullman Schools Could See Budget Changes Soon


Rogers High School students hosted a walkout to protest the over 300 staff member layoffs within the Spokane public school district.

Schools now only collect less than half of the original levy dollar collected per thousand of assessed property value causing the budget shortage of over 30 million dollars.

“As you have seen most districts around are having to unfortunately reduce their staff for next year. Pullman public schools is not in that group for this coming year but eventually given our four-year projection, it looks like we will be heading the way other school districts are if things do not change,” said Bob Maxwell, the Pullman Public School District superintendent.  

Major changes expected next fall include cuts to school nursing, counseling and Librarian jobs as well as enrichment programs.

With almost 200 staff layoffs of teachers, classrooms may be combined to make larger class sizes.  

Pullman Public School District may see these changes in the near future.

“In a seniority based system, for me personally I’m probably okay, for the overall well-being of the school district- yeah I have some serious concerns as to how we are going to juggle all the proper pieces to make it work- make it equitable for all the kids,” said Doug Winchell, Pullman High School teacher.

Diane Hodge, Pullman Public Schools finance manager, said despite their projected funding gap next year, they are committed to ensuring students will have the access and opportunities they need to succeed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The video was aired on a previous broadcast.


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