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Coronavirus and the Palouse

PULLMAN, WASH. – The 2019 Novel-Coronavirus has infected thousands, killed hundreds, and spreading to more countries by the day. Wuhan, China, W-S-U Senior Shuyi Wu, or Lillian as she goes by in America, has been attending school in the United States since 2014, but often visits her home in Hunan Province in China.

“I remember when I was younger there was another virus going around…my mother boiled the plates the dog bowl to kill the germs,” Wu said.

When Wu began her last semester at Washington State University, she received the news from her parents that the “Wuhan Coronavirus” was spread\ing throughout Eastern and Central China, near Hunan Province.

Wu’s family is taking the government’s advice by wearing masks in public and steering clear of crowded places.

The first Novel Coronavirus case in the United States was in Everett, Washington, 300 miles away from the Washington State Campus, with more being tested and diagnosed daily.

Diane Whittick is an infection prevention specialist at Pullman Regional Hospital and ensures that if a case of the Coronavirus were to come to the Palouse, Pullman Regional would be ready.

The coronavirus is the same thing as the common flu, the only difference is small hooks on the surface of the molecule, Whittick said. Therefore, scientists around the nation are working on a vaccine, as there is no cure for the 2019 Corona-virus.


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