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Ann Curry’s message: have faith in the truth

PULLMAN, Wash. – If there is one thing renowned journalist Ann Curry has faith in, it is the truth.

This week marked the 46th Annual Murrow Symposium for Washington State University’s Murrow College, where Curry received the Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award.

“This is the moment to build again,” Curry said. “To defend truth, to be ourselves worthy of trust.”

The truth is something Curry will always protect and will always report for the community.

She believes in journalism and the power this profession has for our world.

“If you want to have a meaningful life that lifts humanity, be a journalist,” Curry said.

Each year, the Murrow Symposium has the reputation of being a time students and faculty cherish. Each room full of inspiration and connection that students cannot find every day.

Curry spoke with multiple WSU students, sending encouragement and hope to each of them, making it clear she has faith in the future generation of journalists that sat before her.

“Your generation is fully awake in a way that many generations in the past have not been,” Curry said.

This confidence touched many students, especially WSU senior Abby Davis.

“She’s super personable and you can tell she wants to impart her wisdom on us young generations,” Davis said.

As a broadcast reporter, hearing from a journalist like Curry is a moment Davis will never forget.

“She references how truth should be our north star, and that was wonderful,” Davis said. “It was such a short, yet really powerful quote, and I think I’ll carry that with my through my life.”

Rather than a job to become popular, Curry thinks of journalism as a service profession, one like that of an emergency responder, a surgeon, or a therapist.

Journalism holds the responsibility of informing the public on matters they need to be aware of, telling the stories that truly matter.

Yes, journalism consists of stories involving public officials and authority figures, but the memorable stories come from everyday people, who need the world to know they are here.

Curry’s advice to young reporters is, and this may be a cliché but true nonetheless, to try your best.

“Try with an earnest effort to tell people, as best you can, what the heck is going on, and even that is a win,” Curry said.

Dedicated and genuine individuals lead the Murrow College; looking up to the very journalist this college is named after, Ed Murrow. This year, Curry’s name has landed next to his.

Curry’s message always came back to one thing; find the truth, report the truth, no matter what that truth may be.

“If you want to find the truth you have to open your head, open your mind, and look, honestly,” Curry said.

Symposium 46 inspired, encouraged, and uplifted a rising generation of journalists.

The event ended in a fashion Ed Murrow would approve, in his own words, “Goodnight and Good Luck.”



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