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For WSU Intramurals, Masks Will Be Optional

Pullman, Wash.— Washington State University will not require masks during indoor intramural sports this spring. 

The university has enforced a strict mask mandate in classes and exercise facilities. But for intramural sports like basketball, it will be optional. 

“From last semester, it was just a sense of relief when we got the green-light to hold intramural sports without having to wear masks,” Donavyn Velez-Fucal said, student development coordinator for WSU. “We really wanted to provide the best experience for not only the players but even the officials.” 

Velez-Fucal said it can be difficult to participate when students have a mask covering their face. 

Despite the optional mandate, there still is a sense of concern and awareness of the ongoing pandemic.  

“At the end of the day we still provide the option to wear or not wear the mask to make everyone feel safe,” said Velez-Fucal.

“We acknowledge there is always a concern regarding COVID and still want to provide a safe environment while playing.” 

However, spectators are still required to wear a mask.  

“From my experience last semester and the start of this semester, we noticed little to no issues bringing back intramural basketball and other indoor sports,” Velez-Fucal said. 

Jack Weyer, a participant in WSU’s intramural basketball, is pleased with the decision. 

“It can get really annoying trying to wear a mask properly while playing, especially basketball because it’s hard to breath,” Weyer said.  

“I respect the fact that they’ve made it an option, letting people make their own personal choice rather than forcing people,” Weyer said.   



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