Nancy Mack Nancy Mack, then with the maiden name Nancy Stack, is a student reporter at KWSU-AM KWSC Radio & TV Alumni Nancy Mack, then using her maiden name Nancy Stack, graduated with a degree in Communication with a focus on Radio and Television Broadcasting at Washington State University in 1968. During her college career,… Read More
Dale Harrison Dale Harrison during his time as Morning Edition Producer. Former Producer & News Director Dale Harrison spent his career dedicated to public broadcasting, working at NWPB in Pullman, Washington and at KSKO in McGrath, Alaska. By his retirement, Dale was a well-versed radio show host, producer, reporter, news director and IT technician. He… Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN, Wash. – Courtney Crabtree is enjoying her senior year and final semester at Washington State University, finally in person after nearly two years. But she’s worried that might change. Washington State University remains committed to in-person learning despite a dramatic increase in Covid cases on campus, according to a WSU… Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN, WASH – The College Hill neighborhood is unique in the city of Pullman. Most mornings it’s quiet, this is a stark contrast to nights and weekdays when students who live in the area are rushing to classes or going out with friends. “You’re talking about a neighborhood that has an… Read More
http:// PULLMAN, WA (MURROW NEWS 8) – College can be stressful and hard both from an educational aspect and a financial aspect. Students all over the world are having to find different ways to survive and make money. Some students such as stand-up comedian Mary Ginther have picked up a skill and have been able… Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN, WASH -Let’s rewind back to spring 2020. Pre-COVID-19 shutdown. The WSU Horticulture Club had around $53,000 worth of plants growing in their greenhouses for their largest sale of the year, Mom’s Weekend… which got cancelled. The pandemic put a huge financial strain on the Horticulture Club. During the shutdown, Co-Advisor,… Read More
What the struggle over recognition for WSU's Gay Awareness student group shows is some of the similarities between rural and urban LGBTQ rights. Rural areas — especially college towns like Pullman or Moscow — are also queer places. People in cities who were against gay rights used the same tactic as those in Pullman—the public-referendum—to deny housing or employment Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN, WASH – Dodge Matthews has been waiting for his grandparents to get the coronavirus vaccine “They’ve been eligible to get the COVID vaccine, but it’s just not available in their rural community. There’s not too many places that actually give out the vaccine,” Matthews said. “Henry,” a source who Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN- The WSU design and construction team took first place at a construction competition last Thursday. The competition included 1,100 students from 47 universities in this year’s Associated Schools of Construction competition. The WSU team won first place in the commercial category beating out 12 other teams. The win meant a… Read More
Throughout his career, Edward R. Murrow celebrated stories about the values, experiences, and trails that shape the lives of Americans. As Murrow wrote in 1951, these personal stories can inspire, enlighten, and comfort Americans in an “age of confusion.” In the spirit of our namesake, the Murrow College is pleased to share essays from students about Read More
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