Student Hustlers


PULLMAN, WA (MURROW NEWS 8) – College can be stressful and hard both from an educational aspect and a financial aspect. Students all over the world are having to find different ways to survive and make money. Some students such as stand-up comedian Mary Ginther have picked up a skill and have been able to make extra cash as a side hustle. 

“I was in a competition for homecoming and I didn’t think I would win, but I got nominated by my grade to compete with everyone else,”  Ginther said. Mary would ultimately compete in a homecoming comedy competition that would shape her future as a stand-up comedian. 

For many students it’s all about making money to survive in college, but Mary says that her love for comedy is not really about the money. “I love comedy. If you have the opportunity to do a job that you love, do that, don’t just do it for the money,” Mary said.

Ginther says that she does hope to become a full-time comedian one day, but right now she is just focusing on what she has going on now.