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Northwest Public Broadcasting
P.O. Box 642530
Pullman, WA 99164-2530

Email: [email protected]

Press Releases: [email protected]

Fax: 509.335.3772

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Membership Questions:
Sarah McDaniel, Membership Director
(509) 335-6522 – [email protected]

News Questions:
Scott Leadingham, News Manager
(509) 335-6544 – [email protected]

General Radio/TV Technical Issues:
Jeff Snell, Director of Engineering
(509) 335-4257 – [email protected]

TV Program and Technical Questions:
Tom Hungate, Program Manager
(509) 372-7408 – [email protected]

Radio Program Questions:
Gillian Coldsnow,  Program Director
(509) 335-6546 – [email protected]

Radio Technical Issues:
Hannah Whisenant, 
(509) 335-8907 – [email protected]

General Radio Questions:
Kerry Swanson, Station Manager
(509) 335-6512 – [email protected]

Underwriting/Corporate Support Questions:
Cricket Cordova Walla Walla & Network-Wide Coverage
(509) 372-7162

Kathe Alters Tri-Cities Region
(509) 372-7410

Kymberly DahlThe Palouse, North Central Idaho
(509) 335-5563 

Jamie Huber— Central Washington, The Columbia Basin
(509) 662-4589

Kymberly DahlWestern Washington and Victoria B.C.
(509) 335-5563

Community Calendar Issues:
[email protected]

Website/App Questions:
Matt Kawamura, Digital Products Manager
[email protected]

Who We Are

The mission of Northwest Public Broadcasting is to be a trusted source of quality content. We are dedicated to enriching our community by sharing and creating distinctive programs which engage, enlighten and entertain. 

NWPB reaches more than 3.6 million people in 44 counties throughout Washington state and parts of Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. Approximately half of the population reached receives public radio broadcast signals exclusively through NWPB.

Northwest Public Broadcasting stations are licensed to Washington State University. Meetings of the Board of Regents of WSU are generally open to the public. Certain meetings, or portions of meetings, may be closed in order to address confidential information or proprietary matters.

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Closed Captioning Concerns

Before sending a formal written complaint, we recommend you first contact our captioning hotline. We may be able to resolve your problem immediately without the need for formal complaint. In any event, we will respond to your complaint within 30 days.

Phone: (509) 332-7408
Email: [email protected]

We will make every effort to respond or otherwise resolve your inquiry within 24 hours or 1 business day.

Written Closed Captioning Complaints Should Be Directed to the Following:

Tom Hungate
Program Manager, TV
PO Box 642530
Pullman, WA 99164-2530

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