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WSU Students Launch Hilinski’s Hope #3For3 Challenge

PULLMAN – On March 3rd, WSU students launched the Hilinksi’s Hope #3For3 Challenge, social media campaign intended to spread awareness for the Hilinski’s Hope Foundation.

The students created the project for Sports Management 489,  Washington State University College of Education’s capstone course taken at the end of the college career. The Team consisted of: Bettina Beverly, Andrew Cooper, Barbora Michalkova, Jaycob Kuhman, Nate Collier, and Jillian Ohlemeier.

“Tyler would have been with us in the class this semester. He was a sports management student and this is the semester he would have graduated,” said Kuhman. 

“So it’s close to us and it’s a charity that we’re really passionate about.”

The challenge is easy to do. Read the basic script, do three burpees, and challenge three new people to participate.

After that, participants post the challenge to their social media accounts, such as: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The team prepared by advertising the event on the Hilisnki’s Hope Foundation Social Media accounts, promoted the event at the WSU Student recreation center, and reached out to social media influencers to prepare to post the challenge March 3rd.

The challenge spread quickly. Reaching not only across the United States, but around the world.

“I’m in awe,” said Kym Hilinski, Tyler’s mother. “People in Japan, people in the UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, and all corners of the US have been doing the burpee challenge.”

Some of the posts include: high school and collegiate sports teams, news anchors, and NFL athletes.

The Hilinski Family started the The Hilinski’s Hope Foundation after WSU Quarterback Tyler Hilinski’s death by suicide in January of 2018. Their foundation goal is to raise awareness for mental health, and change the conversation and stigma behind it.

“This wonderful kid who seemed like he had everything going for him, and nobody knew that he was suffering,” said Kym Hilinski. “So if it could happen to Tyler, then it could happen to anybody.”

Today the Hilinski family works with the NCAA, and travels to various conferences and participates in panel sessions to discuss mental health.

“My husband and I always say it’s a terrible, terrible price. We want Tyler here with us, that’s all I want, but I can’t have Tyler back, so what I’m gonna do is work very hard in his name” said Kym Hilinski.

The challenge has no end date, and the project team encourages people to continue participating to further spread the Hilinski’s Hope Foundation’s message.

“It’s important that we remain united,” said Kym Hillinsk. “We need to help each other out. Let’s get up for those who are down.”



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