“NWPR has a way of engaging my curiosity and wonder”

Courtesy of Adele Little Caemmerer

“I live in a rural area and commute an hour each way to work as a teacher. In the winter this can be as much as one and a half hours each way. Lucky for me, as a resident of the Wenatchee Valley of central Washington, my drive is beautiful and traffic free. Each morning I look forward to my morning coffee, listening to Northwest Public Radio and taking in the stunning landscape as it changes from alpine forest to rolling scrub hills. Each evening, I sip my tea and make the trip in reverse. The quality programming of NWPR has a way of engaging my curiosity and wonder – just the mindset to be tuned into what is around me. By the time I arrive at school, or home from school, I’ve journeyed all sorts of places, gotten beyond myself and am ready to be at my destination, all the richer for the time it took me to get there. Thank you NWPR for the good work you do to keep us connected!”

Adele Little Caemmerer