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Downtown Pullman Design

PULLMAN, WASH. – Downtown Pullman could potentially see some new developments, depending on city council approval.

On February 25, the Pullman City Council voted to approve the “Downtown Master Plan” at their weekly meeting. The plan details different beautification efforts, pedestrian crosswalk and sidewalk improvements, as well as a change to the structure of Main Street.

At the moment, Mainstreet is a one-way street with three lanes going through four different traffic lights. There is also street parking readily available; however, it often fills up by early afternoon.

To combat the lack of parking and pedestrian walkways, the “Downtown Mater Plan” draft includes a plan to change the three-lane Mainstreet to a two-lane street. By doing so, the extra lane will be used for angled parking, a bike lane, as well as an expanded sidewalk.

Lauren Irey is a junior at Washington State University, and gets around by driving.

“Downtown can get congested with three-lanes during rush hour or big weekends, like dads’ weekend, so I can only image how busy it could be with two-lanes,” Irey said.

“I don’t even think it would really help pedestrians, I mean it so much more congested that it would be tougher to cross,”  Irey said.

Parking will also take a deviation in the drafted plan, changing from 12-hour parking to 3-hour parking.

Adam Carlson is a sophomore studying broadcast production has been biking for as long as he can remember. There hadn’t been a time where there weren’t bikes in the garage, we even had to move the cars outside to make room for more bikes, Carlson said.

“If more bike infrastructure were implemented in Pullman, I think biking would be so much more fun. I don’t have a bike with me now because there’s really no place to go, but with a lane I would actually feel included,” Carlson said.

Whether you’re a driver, biker, or pedestrian, let your voice be heard and contact your city councilman.


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