WSU Parking Permit Proposal

Pullman, WA- The Washington State University parking and Transportation Task force proposed a parking rate increase on annual and daily parking permits, as well as, hourly rates, and parking fines. If implemented this will take effect in July. Students will be notified if the Board of Regents along with the President approve this increase. The increase will stand for capital maintenance and repair projects that include parking garage repairs along with structural mechanical repairs. Rates will be increased annually with ranges from nine dollars to one hundred dollars, and monthly parking with increase anywhere from seventy-five cents to a little over eight dollars. John Shaheen, media contact for parking, said quote, “If students are here this summer, they will see some parking lots being resurfaced. There will also be repairs to garage elevators that will make them more reliable. The shared path along Orchard St and Valley Road will be replaced to make pedestrian and bike travel safer and smoother starting this fall.” This increase will affect the twenty-five percent of students who are passholders, and an unknown number of students who use daily parking meters, and parking garages.