Pullman Shooting Leaves Student in Fear of the Unknown

PULLMAN, WASH.- Washington State University experienced the first shooting ruled as a homicide in 16 years on Friday, September 24. Many students and residents of Pullman were left on edge and in fear of the unknown as alerts came. 

WSU alerted students that there was a suspected shooting and Madeline Brown, a junior at WSU, was hiding at the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity with three of her friends. 

“It was scary because none of us knew exactly where it happened or who the person was, but then it was reported that they were across the street and that’s where things got really scary,” said Brown. 

Madeline had sent messages to her family and friends letting them know what was happening. She said that she was getting alerts from WSU and different group chats that were also unsure of what was happening and where people were. 

The incident is something many students in America can relate to. The police dispatch, she said, also kept her updated while she and others around her were hiding. Madeline is one of many that night that was in fear for their safety due to gun violence.