Yakima Nonprofit Organizations Encourage Latinos To Vote

By Johanna Bejarano

Organizations in Yakima County are motivating Latinx voters to get to the polls on Elections Day. Informational sessions and events are part of the strategies.

The Latino Community Fund, LCF, is one of the organizations that help ensure Latinos do not miss the opportunity to vote in the General Election tomorrow.

Giovanni Severino is an LCF Community Organizer for Civic Engagement; “Tocamos las puertas de los vecinos en las áreas donde hay más Latinos. [We knock on the doors of neighbors in the regions where there are the most Latinos.] We give phone calls to voters in local areas, just reminding them to vote by November 2nd. We do throw events to encourage people to turn out to vote.”

During events like the “Ballot party” in Yakima, volunteers and staff members help voters learn about the process, how to fill out and submit their ballots.

Other organizations offer information via web or social media, such as the League for Women Voters, or provide person-to-person orientation when citizens request it, as in Nuestra Casa.

The goal is to give Latino voters the necessary information to get to the polls.

Ballots must be returned to an official ballot drop box tomorrow before 8:00 p.m.