NW Philanthropist and Founder of KOHO Harriet Bullitt Dies

Portrait of Harriet Bullitt with white hari and turquoise jacket with collar turned up.
Harriet Bullitt, founder of Icicle Broadcasting Company died April 23, 2022. Harriet and her sister assumed leadership of KING Broadcasting Company, founded by their pioneering mother, Dorothy, from the mid-1940’s until sale of the company in 1989. Harriet founded Pacific Northwest Magazine (now Seattle Magazine) and Pacific Search Press. Photo courtesy Sleeping Lady Foundation.


Harriet Bullitt, founder of KOHO 101.1 in Leavenworth passed away the morning of Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 at the age of 97.

She requested the announcement of her death to be aired first on the station she founded – KOHO 101.1 which is now under a programming and operations agreement with Northwest Public Broadcasting. 

Bullitt made enormous contributions in communications in the Northwest, and in particular, Central Washington.

She founded Pacific Press in 1964, which would become the parent publication for Seattle Magazine. 

In 1999, she founded KOHO FM radio in Leavenworth, purchased the Lake Chelan station KOZI, and formed the Icicle Broadcasting Company.

Bullitt also formed the Icicle Fund, a non-profit with the goal of enabling community arts and public lands organizations to collaborate, grow and increase their collective impact.

In 1995, she opened the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, a rustic getaway and conference center, located near her home along Icicle Creek outside of Leavenworth.

Bullitt had a passion for the arts, environment and community information. A conservationist, she deeply cared about preserving Icicle Creek and endangered salmon, supporting sustainable building practices and educating students about environmental stewardship.