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Pullman community member goes above and beyond

PULLMAN, WASH – Molly Johnson loves Pullman and the people living there — something exemplified in her career and volunteer work. 

Johnson is the owner of Pullman Vehicle Licensing, a business she won the bid to in 2016. Customer service is important to Johnson, and she said she strives to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved.  

“People don’t extend themselves,” she said. “They think once a deal is done, it’s done and there’s no follow up, and it’s just the exact opposite.”   

When she started the business, Johnson said she told her workers “we’re gonna have fun everyday or we’re not gonna do it at all.”

Johnson said she loves the positive impact her work provides to the community and does not take for granted the large responsibility taking care of employees and customers is. 

Tracie Lane, Johnson’s twin sister and PVL employee, said people all around the United States recognize the unique work environment Johnson cultivates. 

“She is determined that when you come to her office, it’s going to be an efficient and enjoyable experience,” she said. 

Johnson is a long-time community volunteer. She said the majority of work consists of advocating for small business at the Olympia Capitol. 

She also works most Sundays at The Well Coffeehouse, which is an extension of Johnson’s church Real Life. Well manager Annika Johnson said there are some people who only get coffee if they see Johnson at the cash register. 

Well customer Jenna Holt, said she loves getting to see Johnson and appreciates her welcoming attitude. 

“Having someone that just really enjoys talking to people, just really inspires you to have that same joy,” she said. 

Johnson said she could give as much as she does without her faith. She especially relies on her relationship with God when times get tough. 

Above everything, Johnson said she is simply thankful. 

“I’m so grateful for all of my blessings,” she said. “It’s easy to pass all of those blessings on and help other people.”



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