Learn Spanish With Esmeralda!

Learn Spanish with Esmeralda!
Whether it’s numbers or colors, Esmeralda teaches kids and adults in fun, fast, easy lessons.

Introducing Spanish With Esmerelda

Northwest Public Broadcasting is proud to announce its first season of ¡Spanish with Esmeralda!

The series is made up of 10 mini-episodes of less than a minute each. The goal is to introduce young learners (or anyone brushing up their skills) to common Spanish words.

Whether it’s numbers or colors, the seasons or toys, Esmeralda teaches kids and adults of all ages in fun, fast and easy lessons.

Producers McKayla Fox, Greg Mills and Afiq Hisham worked over several months to complete the series, animating the character and perfecting the audio. NWPB Yakima reporter Esmy Jimenez wrote and voiced the scripts.

Their hope was to bring Latino narratives and the Spanish language to Northwest audiences.

“There’s a joy in being able to share your language and culture,” Jimenez says. “I’m happy to see how the series turned out, and hope we get to create more projects like this.”

Watch all the episodes on your local NWPB TV stations or on YouTube.