Climate and Environment Radio Programs Begin in January

Concern over climate change rose in late November with the release of a United Nations report on limiting global warming. “An ear-splitting wake-up call to the world,” the UN said of the report: “It confirms that climate change is running faster than we are — and we are running out of time.”

What do climate scientists have to say? How about policymakers, activists, and concerned citizens? Hear the conversations and the latest environmental and climate news in two new programs beginning January 19, 2019:

Saturdays 7 PM, Fridays 10 PM

Climate One: The issues raised by climate disruption are deeply interconnected. From water to energy, from food to transportation, the actions we take to address one issue directly impact the others. This program is a forum for candid discussion among climate scientists, policymakers, activists, and concerned citizens – speakers who see the big picture and talk about solutions with connected impact. Saturdays 7-8 PM, and Fridays 10-11 PM, NPR News service

Sundays 5 PM..

Living On Earth: As the population continues to rise and the management of the earth’s resources becomes even more critical, this award-winning program examines the issues facing our increasingly interdependent world. Hear riveting features and commentary on everything from culture, economics and technology to health, law, food and transportation. It covers topics from the small challenges of everyday life to the future state of the environment and the health and well-being of the world’s inhabitants. Sundays 5-6 PM, NPR News service

Other program changes:


Saturdays 9 AM, Wednesdays 10 PM

Planet Money/How I Built This: Moves to Saturday mornings. Planet Money tells deep, engaging stories about the economy. On How I Built This, hear about the most amazing innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists in the world. Both programs, back-to-back, in a single hour. Saturdays 9-10 AM, NPR News service

New Yorker Radio Hour: Profiles, storytelling and insightful conversations, hosted by David Remnick. Moves to Saturday evenings, 5-6 PM, NPR News service

On The Media: This weekly investigation into how the media shapes our worldview doves down one hour, to Saturday evenings 7-8 PM, NPR News service

The Moth Radio Hour: True stories, told live. The Sunday evening broadcast moves down one hour, to 6-7 PM, NPR News service