“I felt human and OK right then.”

Mary Ann Brookhart (r) with her brothers Rich (standing) and Greg and and sister Marie.
Photo: courtesy of Mary Ann Brookhart

“One evening I was returning home to University Place from a stressful meeting in Gig Harbor and I could not keep my mind on driving. I turned on the radio to hear about someone else’s bad news and get my mind off of me. A miracle happened as soon as I turned stations. I heard the most amazing, calming radioman’s voice introducing a Russian men’s choir and a spiritual song. Their voices, the music, the sounds, I cannot even find the words for what I heard. I felt comforted and touched to my very being. I felt human and OK right then. The word “grounded” comes to mind. yet feeling like I was in another world simultaneously. When the song ended there was a long moment of silence and the radioman said exactly what I felt: “That music just broke my heart.” I felt wide open and connected to these men that are across the world.

Next, the radioman played a song featuring guitar music which soothed me for the rest of the journey home. In the past, I switch stations when I hear jazz and high notes. Not this time. I was given another new world of music to explore.

These sweet sounds of music allow my brother, Greg, to feel calm and help him get through his daily activities. We can’t even get him to doctor’s appointments without the aid of music. Greg is now living in a house that plays music all day long and he is the happiest I’ve seen him in decades. He is absolutely the mellowest, happiest person when he is hooked up with his headphones. He will listen to any artist or music genre at least once! I was told with his hearing impairments, deep tones are what get his attention best. Music has the ability to transform one’s life into something spectacular and to deliver endless happiness to the listener.”

Mary Ann Brookhart
University Place