My Favorite NWPB Program is Served ‘Shaken, Not Stirred’ Aboard the Enterprise

 Bob Finlan, NWPB listener in Enterprise, OR
Courtesy of Bob Finlan

I’m a listener to 100.9 FM in Enterprise, OR, and I just want to say how much I enjoy listening to the Retro Cocktail Hour out of Kansas City!

My living room has to sub for the Underground Martini Bunker, but I enjoy my martini shaken….not stirred….with jazz, space age pop, and the strangest music EVER. Darrell is a fabulous host and very responsive as they try to get out that playlist to listeners who have signed up.

I try to listen to your 6-8 pm PT broadcast for the maximum martini and noirish effect, but I often pull up the Retro Cocktail Hour web site and play it from there at a later date. In my opinion, it is the best show on radio today!

                                                                                 And I also enjoy your Inland Empire’s jazz station 89.9 FM when I drive up to Clarkston for my Costco fix.

Bob Finlan, aboard the Enterprise, OR

Bob is quite the traveler. This picture shows Bob, as he says, “standing next to the Shuttlecraft ‘Galileo’ based here in Enterprise and we look for new life and new civilizations. A major mission for [2017] is getting under the total solar eclipse on August 21st.”
Credit Courtesy of Bob Finlan