Murrow News 8: Dj Goldfinger and His New Location

PULLMAN, WA (MURROW NEWS 8) – “I’m feeling good, I think the look of this place is awesome, I’m really excited about it, but any time you open up something new, you get nervous. So, I’m nervous at the same time,” Dj Goldfinger said after being asked about his new place. Goldfinger has been working on his new place called the Lumberyard, for an entire year, after initially being told no.

Before the pandemic, Dj Goldfinger spent much of his time entertaining and djing for students at a place called Stubblefield. However, Stubblefield would eventually be shut down and Goldfinger had to find a new location for students and families to attend. This new place has two three stages, two  bars, four restaurants, and two play areas for kids.

“I think it’s a great thing that is going to happen, I mean Stubblefields before was a great place out here in Pullman,” Tyrique Lewis said, after being asked his thoughts on the recent announcement of the Lumberyard.

The Lumberyard is scheduled to open on October 1st and 2nd.