Amar Westfield’s Story

PULLMAN, WA (MURROW NEWS 8) – Washington State University is filled with students that have extraordinary talent. Wazzu is filled with comedians, dancers, singers, poets, photographers, videographers, and music creators. But a music creator known as Amar Westfield has been able to apply his talents to his field of study. 

“I felt like the best thing for me to do as an artist was to at least get exposure, so that’s when I considered going to college too and I was like maybe I can do both. I can study music, while applying the things I am learning in business marketing, directly into my company and the app I am starting right now,” Westfield said. 

Amar Westfield has found a multitude of ways to get himself and his brand out there, by starting an interactive music app called Real Flow, selling merchandise, and putting brand stickers on walls and poles around campus. 

“If people ask like what are you on, are you on Spotify or Soundcloud, like can i listen to you, what’s your name, and I’m gone be like download my app,” Westfield said. 

Westfield says that he tries to be as innovative and creative as possible when making music. His songs are very relatable when you just want to chill out and vibe.