Vaccines For Kids Ages 5 To 11

By Dori Luzzo Gilmour

Emergency authorization for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 was given last week by the CDC. Parents of kids that age have lots of questions.

Dr. Person, medical officer with the Benton Franklin Health district explains what parents should be expecting as Covid-19 vaccines start arriving in the area for younger kids. The CDC is meeting this week to give approval of the vaccine.

Dr. Person says “Usually those final steps of approval from the CDC Director and the Western States group can actually occur within in 24 hours so it is conceivable that by the end of this week vaccine will be able to be given.

Parents can expect to schedule their children’s vaccine with their local pharmacy or clinic. Dr. Person explained that those places are specially trained in dealing with children.

Adults are a little more cooperative than kids with shots. Dr. Person says quicker is better in getting kids protected and explains that size is not the reason for a smaller dose; “Reason for the smaller dose in younger kids, is that we know that the way  that your immune system works is different than when you are older. When you are younger you generally have a stronger response.

By getting this next group of kids vaccinated, more and more people are protected, including younger siblings that are not yet eligible for the vaccine. Kids that have had COVID don’t need to delay getting their vaccines and can get any that they need at the same time.