New Cougar Country CUB Location

Pullman- That classic burger joint feel has finally come the WSU campus. The iconic burger joint has a new location in the CUB right next to the Reunion and across from Coug Prints.

The first week they were open they only served coffee and breakfast items from Zoe’s but next week they plan on opening up their full menu including new items from Zoe’s restaurant.

The owner of Cougar Country and Zoe’s Kitchen said it “just felt right” when deciding to open a new location.

“Zoe’s coffee was on campus for years and years and that was a great experience we just love working with the college students and getting to know everybody… it just felt right… and then when we had this opportunity, we decided let’s do what we did years ago.”

Students are happy that the new location is right on campus and are excited they can stop by for a delicious burger for lunch.

The original cougar country restaurant will never lose its charm… however the new location at the cub will bring the best burger in town onto campus.