Chemical Dependency & Mental Health Treatment Tax

By Dori Luzzo Gilmour

Funds from a proposed sales and use tax in Benton County would create a facility to provide chemical dependency and mental health services. The Benton County Commissioners are holding a public hearing next week to authorize the tax. If the tax is adopted, it would collect a point 1% sales and use tax.

Franklin County is also moving to adopt the same tax for funding the facility.

Brad Peck, Franklin County Commissioner explains why this is necessary. “…Have the one tenth and we create these programs and we pay for them…if we don’t do that we still end up paying for it with emergency room visits and incarcerations.”

The tax is estimated to generate $5 to $7 million a year.

Still to be worked out is the management authority of the facility, location, and the board of directors. Federal funds have also been requested from various community groups and governments to Senator Patty Murray.

The public hearing is November 9th.