Idaho To Provide Hazard Pay For Wildland Firefighters, Now Recruiting For Upcoming Fire Season

A firefighter stands with a hose before a raging fire on a charred field.
The Pine Creek Fire in Lenore, Idaho June 9, 2021 / Idaho Department of Lands


New legislation will award hazard pay to Idaho wildland firefighters. (Runtime :53)


For years, wildland firefighters in Idaho have made less than their peers in other Northwest states. That was the impetus behind recent legislation that awards hazard pay to
firefighters who work in dangerous conditions. 

It was broadly supported by lawmakers and puts Idaho’s pay on par with their federal peers and other western states, says Josh Harvey, the fire management bureau chief for the
Idaho Department of Lands.


“Our agency and our state, the governor’s office has really put, and our legislature, really a lot of
effort in making the state of Idaho competitive in the wildland fire realm,” says Harvey.


Wildland firefighters will now receive $15 an hour in base pay, and additional hazard pay while working in dangerous conditions.


Harvey says that will help retain experienced firefighters the agency has invested in.


Comparatively, wildland firefighters in Washington and Oregon make almost $22 an hour.

Those interested in becoming a wildland firefighter for the state of Idaho can apply via the Idaho Department of Lands website.

This story was corrected on May 16, 2022 to accurately reflect the increase of the base pay for wildland firefighters to $15 an hour, with the addition of hazard pay.

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