Red Mountain AVA Celebrates 20 Years

Red cheat grass blooming between vineyard rows, Tapteil Vineyard, Red Mountain AVA, Washington Andrea Johnson



Red Mountain Washington is world-renowned for its wine grape production. 

It’s unique character made it designated as an American Viticultural Area — known as A-V-A.  And now the A-V-A Alliance is welcoming folks back to Red Mountain after the pandemic.

The Red Mountain Amercian Viticultural Area is celebrating 20 years with a Grand Tasting Event at Hedges Family Estate Winery on June 11.

Maggie Hedges is the President of the AVA Alliance. 

She says many producers have been waiting two years for this moment. 

“So we are very excited to actually be seeing all of our friends and fans in person and the energy is just different.” 

There will be 25 wineries pouring more than 80 wines to try. 

Wagon rides will take visitors on a scenic tour to learn why this place is so special.

Red Mountain is known for the grapes grown on its famous dry… southern exposed slopes. 

Charlie Hoppes is one of the best known winemakers in Washington state, known as the Wine Boss. He explains his reasons for basing his winery on Red Mountain. 

 “For me, and what I want to create as a winemaker, and the wines we want to create, Red Mountain is the ultimate for us. You know honestly, I think it’s one of the  premier growing regions in the world.” 

From the Loess wind blown soil over the Missoula flood dropped hard scape…  to the deficit irrigation technique to water the high desert land… 

This area produces tough vines with their thick skinned grapes creating world class wines. 

Charlie Hoppes says it best.  “It really is a special place.”

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