Residents near Lake Whatcom issued Level 2 Evacuation Notice

(Courtesy: Whatcom County Sheriff's Office via Facebook)


Residents on Blue Canyon Road near Lake Whatcom in Western Washington have been issued a Level 2 Evacuation Warning as crews fight a roughly 30-acre fire that was likely started by lighting on Monday evening.

According to a statement posted on the app Watch Duty, Chris Hankey, public information officer for the fire response, said the fire spread to areas above the homes, exposing them to possible falling debris. Residents should be prepared to evacuate if instructed.

The fire is currently in the steep slopes of the south side of Lake Whatcom, above Blue Canyon Road. The Department of Natural Resources is scooping water from the lake for the fire. All boat launches and drone use are forbidden.

An image shows the definitions of each level of evacuation notice under the heading "Defined: Evacuation Notices." Level 1 is also known as "Ready" and is defined by present danger, those under this notice are prompted to monitor emergency service websites and local news and to be aware that if conditions worsen, emergency services may contact them. Level 2 is also known as "Set" and is defined by significant danger. Those under this notice are advised to prepare to leave at a moment's notice, to understand that this is perhaps the only evacuation notice they will receive and to evacuate if they feel threatened. Finally, Level 3 is also known as "Go NOW" and is characterized by imminent danger. Those under a level 3 evacuation notice must leave immediately, are advised that this is the last notice they will receive, and are told that there is no time to pack, they must get out.

(Credit: Kaitlyn Nicholas / NWPB)