Editorial Policy

NWPB Editorial Policy


Northwest Public Broadcasting strives to bring programs of the Northwest by the Northwest and for the Northwest that enliven, enrich and entertain.

Guiding Principles

At the heart of our storytelling is the public. All our work is done for the people of the Northwest in service to the community. We strive to do so with utmost attention to ethical reporting, seeking and reporting truth, and being a beacon of understanding and enlightenment to the public.

Ethical Standards

Northwest Public Broadcasting embraces the ideals of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

In all things we do, we strive to seek truth and report it; minimize harm; act independently and fairly; and be accountable and transparent to the public.

Additionally, we seek to inform, engage and entertain the public while keeping in mind the highest standards outlined by the NPR ethics handbook.

Editorial Inquiries / Freelance Pitches

Anyone with questions or comments on programming can contact [email protected].

Or call 800-842-8991.

National News: If you heard a story on NPR that originated from a national program like “Morning Edition” or “All Things Considered” or another nationally broadcast show, you can submit comments directly to NPR here.

Collaborative Reporting

Northwest Public Broadcasting is a participant and contributor in the Northwest News Network (N3), a collaboration of public radio stations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

We are also part of the EarthFix collaborative, focusing on news and issues of the environmental and natural resources of the Northwest and beyond.

Our reporters bring a regional perspective to coverage of Northwest states’ government, environment, economy, and other news of widespread interest to residents of the Northwest.