BYU Singers

Pantages Theater 901 Broadway, Tacoma, WA

A captivating choral ensemble with impressive voices and a wide variety of styles, the Brigham Young University Singers perform pieces from nearly every musical genre as well as many original works written or arranged for the choir. Conducted by Dr. Andrew Crane, BYU Singers consists of 40 students pursuing a variety of graduate and undergraduate… Continue Reading BYU Singers


The Guess Who

Pantages Theater 901 Broadway, Tacoma, WA

The Guess Who is a group that’s connected with the masses throughout an exultant hit parade including “These Eyes,” “Clap For the Wolfman,” “Hand Me Down World,” “No Time,” “Star Baby,” and “Share the Land.” Add in fellow classics and double-sided singles like the rock anthem “American Woman” and “No Sugar Tonight,” plus “Laughing” and… Continue Reading The Guess Who