WSU President: Student Athletic Fee May Be Withdrawn

Washington State University President Kirk Schulz said a proposed fee to alleviate the  athletic department’s $13 million debt may not be on the student ballot.

The WSU athletic department has been $13 million in debt since 2014. To help balance the budget the Board of Regents proposed an extra $50 fee on Pullman undergraduate students.

“I don’t know if that fee is moving forward,” said Schulz. “When I talked to athletics a few weeks ago they felt there is enough support to move it to a vote, but not enough student support to pass it, so I believe it will be withdrawn.”

Students expressed strong opposition to the fee.

Schulz says the athletic department’s goal for the end of the year is to only be $9.5 million in debt, which he believes they can achieve.

Schulz said people believe he has more power than he does. His administration cannot propose fees – these must first be proposed by the WSU Student Senate which they can then suggest to him.