New COVID Procedures at Gesa Field

PULLMAN – WSU announced that starting on October 9th for their game against Oregon State, anyone 12 and older is required to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID test from within 72 hours prior to kickoff. University spokesman Phil Weiler stressed the importance of getting a COVID test done early for those that aren’t fully vaccinated.

“The other thing that’s important for people to realize is, if they’re coming to the game from somewhere else, they should not assume they can just roll into Pullman, find a rapid covid test and get it the day of the game,” Weiler said, “It’s really going to be important that people do that before they leave home so they’ve got those results in hand.”

But once fans get their COVID test or proof of vaccination, what will those procedures look like on Gameday?

You’ll be able to show your proof of vaccination at Cougville, at the Compton Union Building, and here at Beasley Coliseum. Once you’re checked in, there will be express lanes at gates A,B,I and F. But once you’re inside, masks will still be required.

Weiler also stressed the importance of fans continuing to wear masks during games, “Another thing that people need to remember is that we do still have the mask mandate in place. People should be wearing a mask both indoors and outdoors while they’re at the game unless they’re actively eating or drinking. Wearing a mask is just a common courtesy and it’s now a requirement to be attending the games.”

The athletic department has yet to announce whether fans will receive refunds for failing to provide their vaccination status or negative COVID test, but the athletics website does have a frequently asked questions page with further details on Gameday protocols.