Farmworkers To Receive Heat Stress Kits

Heat Symptoms
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NWPB’s Johanna Bejarano reports on heat prevention (Runtime 0:52)


High temperatures are expected across the country but not as severe in Washington.  Still, farmworkers in Central Washington will receive kits that will prepare them for any heat stress.

WashMask is an organization supporting migrant and indigenous farmworkers in Washington. 

It’s working with other community support groups Nuestra Casa in Sunnyside and Café in Wenatchee. 

Karla Rodriguez is the leadership coordinator at Nuestra Casa. 

“We started the conversations last year, due to the heat wave that we experienced. We had a gathering with community members, farmworkers specifically, to hear from them, to know what their needs are and what’s the best solution for heat prevention,” says Rodriguez.

The Heat Prevention kits include pop-up shades, cooling bands, hydration packs, bandanas, long sleeve shirts and sanitary products, among others

Ana Maria Campoy, WashMask organizer, says the kits will go to field workers in Wenatchee, the Yakima Valley and Skagit Valley in June and July.

According to the Pacific Northwest Agricultural and Health Center, PNASH, heat illness is a medical condition that renders the body unable to cope with a given heat load. It can manifest with cramps, rash, exhaustion, fainting, and heat stroke.

Farmworkers can experience heat illness for prolonged exposure to heat and, at the same time, perform intense physical work.

Resources on how to prepare, recognize symptoms or take action are available on the PNASH website.

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