Scottish Festival And Highland Games In Prosser This Weekend

Scottish Festival and Highland Games



The Scottish Festival and Highland Games have been a tradition in Prosser for 20 years. The festival includes music, food, and exhibitions.  

John-Paul Estey is the Executive Director of the Prosser Chamber of Commerce, and wants to make sure people know one thing before they head to the Port of Benton Prosser Wine and Food Park this weekend. 

“You don’t have to wear kilts to be there, but a lot of people will be wearing them.”

Saturday’s events include the Celtic Dance competition but start and end with the Flaming Anvil toss, where one of the founding members of the Games launches a 100 pound anvil they light on fire into a field. There’s also weight tossing competitions. 

“…this is the one that always freaks me out is the weight for height. The men throw a 56 lb weight over their head to clear a bar. You know if I threw that I would be running! When it’s coming down…most of the guys stand and watch it land a foot or two away from them. It’s something to see.”

The feats of strength performed by men and women are part of the main events. There will also be food, games and activities for kids, and a dance for teens.