Vote For Your Favorite Music In NWPB’s Classical Countdown

What is your favorite symphonic movie score? Your favorite aria or overture?

Whether it’s a well-known composition by Bach or Beethoven, or a hidden gem by a lesser-known composer, NWPB wants to know what pieces resonate with you. Vote for your favorites in the Classical Countdown here.

Your choices will help NWPB create a playlist of the most beloved classical works that we’ll share during the next fund drive.

Vote now, and let your voice be heard on the Classical Countdown, April 26. 

Voting is open until Friday, April 21. 

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Bach was 23, and his wife Maria Barbara was 24, when the first of their children was born. They named her Catherina Dorothea. CD grew into a singer, and helped out in her father’s music work. Fifteen years passed, her mother died, her father remarried, and finally, CD Bach acquired a sister: Cristina Sophia Henrietta, daughter of Johann Sebastian and Anna Magdalena Bach. CSH died at the age of three, just as another sister, Elizabeth Juliana Frederica, was born. EJF Bach would grow up to marry one of her father’s students.

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