Pasco Council member says racist attacks are targeting his campaign

Irving Brown Sr.
Pasco City Council member Irving Brown said a note with racist content was left near one of his vandalized signs. Brown is running to continue representing Pasco District 3. (Courtesy: Irving Brown's Facebook page.)


A Pasco City Council member is running to keep his spot in District 3. But Irving Brown says racist attacks are targeting his campaign.

Brown said, in a Facebook video update, that his campaign signs are being vandalized and it’s getting worse.

“What I found next to the particular sign that was vandalized on a main road here on 68, was a horrible attack,” said Brown.

Brown was referring to a written message, he said it read, “No N-word for District 3.” The message was left near his vandalized sign.

Brown said the attacks are unacceptable and gives him fire to run and stand as an equal opportunity community leader, activist, intelligent, African American male who’s proud to be a father of two awesome children.

“After what I saw today, and the attempt to dismiss me, by calling me this word right here, is not going to work,” said Brown.

Brown, an incumbent, is the only Black candidate for the Pasco City Council. 

Other council members, candidates, organizations and community members condemned the incident.

“This is NOT ok. Racism is obviously alive in Pasco despite having a diverse council,” Pasco Council Member Zahra Roach wrote on her social media.

Leo Perales, Brown’s opponent in the race, condemned the incident on his campaign Facebook profile.

“We should condemn any form of racism, discrimination and prejudice. I condemn the actions and behaviors that were recently expressed to Irving Browns sign but more so to him as a member of our community,” wrote Perales.

A rally has been organized by the local teamster union in Pasco in support of the Pasco Council member and demonstrate against any form of racism. 

Brown, the first African American appointed to the Pasco City Council in 15 years, has condemned racial discrimination against him in the past.

Last year, Brown’s appointment caused controversy among some Hispanics in Pasco, since he replaced Sen. Nikki Torres (R-Pasco) who resigned to become the state senator of the 15th Legislative District.

It is illegal in Washington to deface a political campaign sign.

According to the state law: “A person who removes or defaces lawfully placed political advertising including yard signs or billboards without authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable to the same extent as a misdemeanor that is punishable under RCW 9A.20.021.”