Smoke Screen, a noir radio mystery for pledge drive

Portrait painting of Edward R Murrow with a golden frame
This painting of Edward R. Murrow hangs at the entrance of NWPB TV studios in Jackson Hall on the WSU Pullman campus. Historically, a Lucky Strike cigarette is left for Murrow's ghost to keep him happy. Can you see it? It may be time to let go of this nicotine superstition. Find out what happens with the pledge drive radio play, Smoke Screen.

By Mary Ellen Pitney and the NWPB Team

Something is off at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, specifically at the public broadcasting station connected with the college – Northwest Public Broadcasting. Why is there static on the air? Why is the internet intermittent? Could the ghost of Murrow be angry? Mary Ellen Pitney investigates to find answers and hopefully save the station’s pledge drive. You can save it, too, with a donation in any amount. 

Smoke Screen Episode One

Smoke Screen Episode Two

Smoke Screen Episode Three

Smoke Screen Episode Four