When Spokane resident Evelyn Woods was a little girl in World War II Germany, she hid in an attic with her Jewish parents. In today’s StoryCorps Northwest, Evelyn’s step-daughter, Robin, asks her how that confinement compares to today’s COVID-19 restrictions. Evelyn, 82, discusses that and the Black Lives Matter movement in this segment of StoryCorps Northwest recorded Read More
When I was seven, I asked my mom for a pony for Christmas. We lived in base housing on McChord Air Force Base. My elementary school was only a five-minute walk through oak trees and an enormous open field, the perfect place to keep a pony. I would feed her acorns, braid her mane and we would ride to the other end of base housing. Read More
  Northwest Public Radio’s Jessie Jacobs and Anjuli Dodhi perform Leo Delibes’ Flower Duet on Kamiak Butte in Whitman County. Thanks to Northwest Public Television for waking up and hiking with us so very early in the morning! CREDIT NORTHWEST PUBLIC TELEVISION AND RADIO Public radio is a duet between the station and listeners. You… Read More
  Map showing the Hart Road and Cayuse Fires. NORTHWEST INTERAGENCY COORDINATION CENTER As of 2:47PM Tuesday, August 23rd,  the Hart Road Fire had split into two fires separated by the Spokane River. Officials say the Hart Road Fire has burned 4200 acres and is zero percent contained. North of the river, the Cayuse Mountain Fire on… Read More
Inland Folk with Dan Maher will celebrate its 35th anniversary with a special concert on Thursday June 22nd at 7:30 in the Richland Players Theatre. Musical guests include Heidi Muller, Pint n Dale, Bryan Bowers, and Belinda Bowler. All seats have been reserved. But you can send Dan Maher your congratulations or well wishes by emailing [email protected] Special thanks to our Read More
  UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Thank you for your interest in the Walking Washington History Tour project! All the free books and cities have been assigned BUT you can still participate! Take a tour of a town listed in the book, write about it, take photos, create video, graphics, crayon drawings, etc…and send your account to… Read More
  If you see a teal pumpkin on someone’s porch this Halloween it means alternative treats are availble for kids with food allergies. FARE In the United States, 8% of children have a nut allergy. Halloween can be tricky to navigate. Consider this; Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups was the top candy for Halloween in 2013. I love those. And I’m… Read More
  Singer Jim Cornelison says while singing the national anthem he can barely hear himself because of the cheering crowd. Credit Jim Cornelison Raised in Enumclaw and Sunnyside and trained in opera, Jim Cornelison will sing the national anthem for the Chicago Blackhawks when the NHL Stanley Cup finals begins. According to this NPR story, it’s not just a Read More
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